1st Worker Workshop

Group: Participants were divided into groups and interviewed while being sat together. They talked about their favourite and least favourite things. Their deep feelings about things were demonstrated through facial expression. Most of them liked holidays as it could be spent with families, their dislike was for Sunday.

Female participant expressed that she disliked working after 5 pm as often she felt exhausted and couldn’t afford canteen refreshment either. Some groups had to wait before 1.2 began. Description and thoughts on exercise.

After exercise 1, participants move back to the presentation area of the conference room. After a few time, Dr. Saika began the presentation, the participants showed comfortableness and eagerness and wanted to express themselves willingly. Julie saw a man with a saxophone, they saw a man with fruit in his hand.

Description & Thoughts On Exercise 2.2: Photo Shuffle 2 Rounds:
After seeing 10 photos, participants were asked to write down: which one they liked best, what was in the photo and what the photo made them feel. RAs helped those who couldn't write.
Many different photos were selected, but the tendency is to pick pictures that awaken deep feelings, nostalgia, sorrows, happiness. For example, a picture of a cake reminded one participant of "Party time with loved ones", a picture of dad reminded of childhood. Picture of a garment worker reminded of missed colleagues.
There were two rounds of photo shuffle. In the first round, many copied each other. Second round they were more confident to pick their own favourite photo and share more personal stories.

Description & Thoughts On Exercise 3.1: BASCAP Photos:
The participants struggled with explaining what was in Julie’s photo. Saika already told them it was Julie’s sister and son on the photo. They noticed the bike in the background.
The participants described factually what was in the pictures from the BASCAP team. “Part, boy, crocodile”. Only when they saw\ the descriptions made from the photographer were the photos “brought to live” because emotions and context were added.

Description & Thoughts on Exercise 3.2: Own Personal Photos:

  • • Mostly they show photos of kids to each other.
  • • We were all working and not much time for observations during this exercise.
  • • Saika shared with participants before the exercise what photo voice is, participation in photo voice etc.


  • • Three male and four female interviewees.
  • • Sarmin's interviewee gave different information than the interview conducted with a worker inside factory. He shared that he developed back pain with ten hours of working time. He sometimes worked 4 hours overtime.

Before audits management changed parts of the factory, so that they complied during audits. E.g. they put a special machine (don’t know which one, transcription will tell), during the audit and removed it afterwards. On audit days they risked sitting down all day without water.

Learnings Regarding Workshop Design:

  • • We started at 10.40 and the time plan fitted perfectly from then.
  • • Participants could have spent more time on exercises (they seemed to want to) in case we started earlier than 10.40 next time.
  • • Good to include which group participants are part of on the name tag.
  • • RA's are super important, should be prioritised to allocate proper time for training.
  • • Participants are not as shy as we anticipated they were
  • • Most participants use a social media called IMO.


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